Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emerald Isle progress 2

So my class ended and the placeholder stuff I threw in was OK, but I still would like to finish this thing. Then again, I want to move onto something new at the same time because I think I could do much better, and there are already things I want to improve upon in this level. Not redoing anything that can be considered as finished, I still have to finish a few of the ruins textures, mostly for the pillars and unique non-tiled bits, and a couple unwraps... then to place more plants and rocks around. Also to find out how to soften the shadow from the giant tree leaves.

I did a little paint over on some of the unfinished textures just to see what it will look a little more complete, although I didn't paint any plants in. ^^; I have yet to make a diffuse for the large tree. At the moment it's just a normal map with a flat color and a moss texture vertex painted in, same with the rocks too but I'm okay with how they are.

Next time I will pick to do something that's a little smaller scale...

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