Sunday, February 20, 2011


A couple more refined ideas, and some not yet done. I still have to finalize all of their names! My human is earnest and goodhearted, but kind of noobish in being a warrior, since he has only been a hunter and fisherman his whole life.

My mage so far, more of a shaman or necromancer. She's not exactly evil, but she is a practitioner of dark magic. She lives inland in the forests and is the one who started the orc attacks because she put a hex on the orc leader, driving him mad.

My orc-dragonkin creature thumbnails. In general, I want the orcs' skins to be varying colors and patterns, and their horns and neck flaps (like iguanas') to vary in size. My depicted orc is supposed to be an older orc, toughened by battles and age. One of his eyes is blinded (or maybe missing.) He is the leader of his tribe and has gone insane!

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