Monday, January 17, 2011

Idea sketches

These are some idea sketches done for a character design class I'm in this quarter. We have to design a human, mage, elf, and orc class.

The setting is a watery world with scattered islands, focusing more on the tropical islands. The technology is different per class... I would like to add more but that would definitely be outside of class.. we'll see!

Human - medieval/tribal technology. They hunt, fish, gather, and farm for food. Blacksmiths are present but metal is somewhat scarce on the islands, so they also use hides/carapace, fangs, and bones for armor and sometimes weapons. They mainly settle along the coasts of islands and can travel to other islands by boat for trading. They have limited magic but are experts with herbal medicine.

Elf - medieval technology, but advanced magic. Elves no longer live on land and traverse the skies in magical flying ships. They primarily fish for food, but they also grow their own food through magic aboard their ships. They hunt when over land and are most interested in magical creatures (dragons.) Elves rarely get sick and have a long lifespan.

Orc - tribal technology. They are carnivores and hunt and fish for food. They fight with the humans over land and food. They are distantly related to dragons, but have completely lost their ability to fly. However, they are still highly intelligent, but their regard for nature keeps them from advancing the same way the elves have. The orcs prefer dry land, but they can swim between most islands. They are also capable of making boats. They have thick skin, so they rarely wear any kinds of armor. While they are capable of the same level of magic as the elves, they don’t commonly practice it and prefer to use natural means. They are also poison masters.

Mage - medieval technology, but advanced magic. Few humans become adept magic users, but those with potential often join the exclusive mage conclave. They live solitary lives with only their fellow mages, and prefer it that way. The first mages were apprentices to the elves. Some mages outside of the mage conclave practice more shamanistic magic rather than elemental magic, i.e. light and dark magic, summoning, and necromancy. Mages provide for themselves through magic alone.

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